Custom Products

Custom Products

Custom Designed/Woven Throws, Blankets, Pillows, Rugs, Totes, Wall Hangings

Do You Have a Story to Tell?

Let Simply Home design a woven throw or other product for your organization, company, event, school, club, team, church, reunion, special activity, etc. Using photos, logos and information you supply us, we will create an item that is Exclusively Your’s. Our 100% cotton custom throws make wonderful gifts, premium items, incentives, awards, mementos and fundraisers.

Simply Home has been doing custom throws, pillows, wall-hangings, and other products for more than 20 years. We’ve worked with hundreds of companies, schools, organizations and individuals to create designs and products that deliver their message in a unique and memorable way. And all of our products are manufactured in the U.S.A. in our South Carolina facility!

Follow our 3 simple steps to get your own custom product started today. If you have any questions along the way, please give us a call. We are here to help you a lasting impression!


Decide what want to create (throw, pillow, totebag or wall hanging). For throws, you need to think about how many colors you’ll want in your finished product. For example, if you only want two colors, then a 2 layer throw would be perfect. For more colors, you can do a 2 ½ layer or choose a tapestry throw for “full color” designs.

You’ll also want to decide whether you want your throw to be vertical or horizontal (very important).

If you have an idea for how you want your product to look, then create a sketch of how you want your design to be organized. Think about including captions with important elements and whether to include a border around the entire design.

If you are unsure about the layout, let us know. Our design team can take your information and create a design for you.


“A picture is worth a thousand words”
Let your custom product deliver your message

Submit photos, logos, and other images to create your design.

Keep in mind, the better the photos and images are, the better your final design will be. We accept both color and black & white photos, as well as good quality digital files. With any text to be included on the throw, make sure they are spelled correctly and are accurate, especially for proper names and dates.

As always you can contact us to ask questions or to get ideas for your custom product.


Once we get all your images, sketches and other information, we will begin work on your design. We will send you an INITIAL DESIGN PROOF to review and make changes.

After we receive your feedback, we’ll incorporate your comments into your design and submit a REVISED PROOF. This is final phase of the design process before your product is woven so you’ll need to make any remaining changes at this point.

After you sign off on the REVISED PROOF, a sample will be woven and sent to you for your final approval. Last step will be to send you a woven sample of your product!

If the sample meets your approval, then sign and fax, mail, or email the approval sheet. You should receive your completed order in approximately 2-3 weeks from the date we receive your approval sheet!

That’s it. Just send us an email or give us a call and we can get started on your own Exclusively Yours custom product by Simply Home!


Production timeline: customer should receive INITAL DESIGN PROOF approximately 2-3 weeks from date order is placed

REVISED PROOF approx. 4-5 weeks from order date

WOVEN SAMPLE approx. 6-7 weeks from order date.

Normally the creation of a custom throw – from the date the order is placed to the delivery of your completed order – takes 6 to 8 weeks. However, we do our best to meet your deadlines.

A $250.00 non-refundable deposit is required before any work will begin to cover design and sampling costs. This amount will be applied toward your initial order.

Any additional design time required after the REVISED PROOF is approved will be at the customer’s expense with a minimum charge of $50.

Minimum orders: For throws, the standard minimum order is 48 pieces with reorders of 16 pieces. Special set-ups or colors may require larger minimum orders. Pillows and Tote bags require a 100 piece minimum order with 24 piece reorders. Wall hangings and wall tapestry minimums vary by size of finished piece.

All custom products require customer’s agreement to accept a 10% over or under run in total units ordered.
Any photos or materials submitted will be returned upon request. We reserve the right to request additional copies of images/photos if poor quality or illegible.

Simply Home can customize many of our existing designs from our catalog. These require no deposit and a 50 piece order. Pricing for these custom products is $1.00 over the regular wholesale.

For pricing information or you have any questions about creating a custom item, please contact our Custom Sales Department. You can call our Customs Hotline at 877-537-8911 or email us at Normal business hours are Monday through Friday from 8AM to 5PM (est).

We look forward to working with you to create a custom woven throw or other item for your next promotion or special event!