Simply Home Artist

Warren Kimble

America’s best known living Folk Artist, Warren Kimble is as American as apple pie! His name and brand are synonymous with quality products and internationally recognized images.

With over 40 licensing partners, Warren continues to maintain a classic, timeless position in the marketplace. Warren has been the subject of numerous magazine profiles and is recently ranked in License! magazine’s top 101 leading licensors.

Warren’s appreciation and understanding of Early American crafted furniture, architecture and Folk Art led him to pursue this theme throughout his painting. His style, evolved over time, is reminiscent of America’s more tranquil past. The antique woods he uses as his canvas are carefully chosen to lend an enduring quality and richness to his subjects.

A longtime resident of Brandon, Vermont, Warren is active in contributing to the redevelopment of the community. Warren and his wife Lorraine operate a retail store and gallery in downtown Brandon, inviting visitors from around the world to appreciate Warren’s collections and the surrounding town.

When they are not working, Warren and Lorraine enjoy winding through the country backroads of Vermont looking for antiques and the right piece of wood or furniture that will become tomorrow’s heirloom under Warren’s skillful hand.

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