Simply Home Artist

Pat Lehmkuh

A self-taught painter with a passion for animals, farm and ranch life, Pat Lehmkuhl was born in farm country, Ohio, and today lives between Rural Retreat, VA and Sheridon, MT.

Growing up in the country allowed solitude and a freedom that cultivated her art and love of open land. Drawing from early childhood, Pat’s talent was recognized at grade school and home but seemed a questionable career choice at that time. Instead of art school, Pat became a nurse for the next 18 years as she and her husband Ric, raised sheep and three children on an Appalachian farm. In any free time, she painted for shows, gave a few classes, and did commission work from portraits to murals.

In 1998, a vacation trip to a large working Wyoming sheep ranch began the passion to share a piece of the West, especially the agricultural side that dwindles yearly at a painfully sad rate. Through her art, she hopes to share the beauty — the gift of nature’s simplicity — in the fields, barns and the wild. “Sometimes it’s a sense of reverence and awe, I always want my work to leave a sense of well-being – a celebration of good.”

Pat has been working with Simply Home for over 11 years. In addition, Pat has also done portraits and commission work as well as illustrating several children’s books (Miranda and Starlight series). Her work has won several awards including 3 Grand Prizes (Chautauqua Festival – 1988, ’91, ’93), Grand Champion – Fine Art (Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival – 1990), Best of Show (Appalachian Artist Association – 1988; Chautauqua Festival – 1990) and several first place awards.

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Reprinted with artist’s permission.