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Deborah Ponder

Deborah Ponder draws her inspiration from places or things that provide windows into people’s lives. Houses, doorways, porches, terraces and even tables and chairs intrigue her. “Sometimes these things and places stop me in my tracks and draw me in as if they want to tell me the stories of the people who are associated with them. I often say that it is not that I find my subjects so much as that my subjects find me.”

Although Deborah does preliminary sketches on site, she generally prefers to complete a painting in her studio rather than on location. “This gives me a chance to think about my subject away from the source and get the real essence of it.” She works in transparent watercolors in her rural studio, often with Ginger, her yellow Labrador Retriever, at her side.

Deborah grew up in Maryland where she still lives today with her husband Dan. After completing her Bachelor of Fine Arts at the University of Cincinnati, she studied art and art history in Italy and had the opportunity to live and paint in Florence and the Tuscan countryside. She has returned repeatedly to Italy and has traveled throughout Europe and the Caribbean to paint en plein air and gather images for future paintings. “Traveling is the best way to wake up my senses. It gives me never-ending inspiration for my artwork, not just while I am in a place, but for years afterward as I remember how it looked and how I felt,” says Deborah.

Deborah studied watercolor technique at the Maryland Institute College of Art and with nationally known watercolorists in workshops. She also taught at Goucher College and Notre Dame Preparatory School for many years. “I believe that teaching others is the best way to teach yourself about what you really think and how you really see, and that comes out in my art.”

Deborah Ponder is a member of the Baltimore Watercolor Society. Her work has been widely exhibited and is included in private collections throughout the U.S.

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Bio from WAG 2004 Binder Catalogue • ©2005 Wild Apple Licensing