We love meeting new customers! No matter if it is at a show, over the phone, through email or wherever, we love talking about our products and what Simply Home can do to help their business. And when we do start talking about our products, the same questions keep coming up:

So we want to try to answer these common questions and hopefully give you some ideas how Simply Home products can be used for decorating, as unique gifts, for special events and much more. If you have questions and they aren’t answered here, please send us an email and we’ll be glad to help.

1. What can you do with a throw?

Stay warm! – Of course, throws are the perfect thing when you are feeling a little chilly. Just wrap up in a 100% cotton throw and curl up with a good book, a favorite movie, cup of tea, etc. Decorate – We offer dozens of designs and colors so our throws can add that special touch or splash of color to a room. Just drape a throw over a chair or across the back of a sofa or on a bed and it not only makes a great accent to the room, but also can keep you warm when the weather turns cold. Great gifts – With all the designs we offer, our throws make wonderful gifts for any occasion or person. We are sure to have a design or pattern that appeals to even those hard to buy for relatives and friends. And several of our throws can be personalized for an even more special and memorable keepsake. Versatile accessory – Our throws come in a variety of sizes, which make them perfect anywhere: in a baby crib, in your car for long trips, at a vacation home, in a suitcase to stay warm on the road and much more. You can even hang them on a wall with a quilt hanger fill up a large empty space in your home or office. The uses are truly endless – just use your imagination!

2. Where would you use “this size” pillow?

9″ x 12″ pillows – These pillows are great for adding a splash of color or a special touch to any room and work great on couches, chairs, beds, cribs, etc. We also refer to them as “word” pillows because most of our 9″ x 12″ pillows feature quirky, funny, and inspirational messages. They make great conversation pieces as well. 12″ x 12″ pillows – A great mid-size pillow that works great at the ends of sofas and on beds. They work well at the back of chairs and give a little extra back support. We have a great selection of colors and designs – something for every room, including popular collegiate logo pillows. 12″ x 12″ Memory pillows – Like our regular 12″ x 12″ pillows, these pillows work well on couches, beds, chairs and more. But what makes them special is a clear vinyl window that is perfect for your favorite photo or memento (up to 4″x6″). Memory pillows come in a variety of colorful themed designs and make wonderful gifts for family and friends. 17″ x 17″ pillows – The best size for decorating any room! The larger size gives you the ability to add a special touch of style and color with just a couple of pillows. Ideal for chairs, sofas, beds, etc. Work great just placed on a shelf or bookcase or cabinet when you need to fill a large space. Our 17″ x 17″ pillows come in dozens of great designs and themes, including inspirational, seasonal, holiday and even NASCAR¨! NOT JUST FOR HOME – Where else would you use a pillow? Our pillows are perfect for traveling. Put a couple in your car for long trips or take with you on planes and buses to help you relax away from home. The variety of designs and sizes give you plenty of choices to find the right pillow for your travel needs. Help your back and neck – Neck and back pain affect many of us either at work, while you travel, and even at home. Our 9″x12″ pillows are great for giving you just a little extra support for your neck and our 12″x12″ pillows work well for the lower back.

3. What is a bell pull?

As the name suggests, bell pulls were literally attached to the bottom of bells throughout the home as well as used to adorn wall tapestries, curtains, etc. When someone needed to get someone’s attention, they would just pull the bell pull to ring a bell. That worked great in large, elaborately decorated homes to summon the butler or to call everyone together, but now that use isn’t so practical. Today, our colorful bell pulls are mainly used for decoration. In those narrow spaces between doors, windows, next to shelves or appliances, a bell pull will add a special touch of color where nothing else will fit. Then of course, if you do have bells in your home, our bell pulls work great for that too.

4. Do people really hang up wall hangings?

Absolutely! We have been in many homes – including our own – decorated with wall hangings and tapestries in a variety of sizes. Wall hangings can spruce up a small space (our 12″ x 17″ hang-ups) or can fill a larger space (our 40″ x 54″ Legacy wall tapestries) and everything in between. Our traditional wall hangings, ranging in size from 17″ x 26″ and up, come in a wide variety of designs for any decor. And our newest wall hangings are our 27″ x 36″ wall art and featuring wooden rods with custom finials and matching hangers. Don’t forget a colorful bell pull for those small spaces.

Many newer homes have cathedral ceilings and homeowners have a challenge filling that space. Our 40″ x 54″ Legacy wall tapestries are perfect for that or any empty wall spaces. Another idea to cover a large space would be to use one of our throws! There are a variety of throw/quilt hangers available in different styles and finishes to go with any decor.

5. I live in a warm/hot climate, so why would I want a throw?

If you live in a hot climate, like the Southwest, you probably have air conditioning running constantly. At times, it might be a little too much especially on those unusually cool nights. So just “throw” a Simply Home throw over your legs or around your shoulders to ward off the chill. Our throws are available in different sizes and weights perfect for any temperature.

Of course, climate doesn’t keep you from the need to decorate! Our throws are a great and inexpensive way to change the look of any room. Add pillows, wall hangings, and bell pulls along with your colorful throws to complete your home makeover!

These are just a few of the ideas we’ve picked up over the years. We’re sure there are many more ways to use our products than we have included on these pages. Just use your imagination and let your creativity take over. You can make your home a beautiful place, decorated with products made in the USA by Simply Home! Remember we offer you a great variety of high quality products in dozens of colors, designs and styles at the lowest prices. Let us know what you come up with – we’d love to hear your decorating success stories! Thank you for your interest in Simply Home.