1985 Tom Lovelace opened Simply Country, a small gift shop in the community of Wytheville, Virginia. The close proximity of North/South and East/West major Interstates 77 and 81 brought many travelers into Wytheville each year, and Simply Country enjoyed travel and tourist related sales.

1987 Weavetec began when Harold Pennington, Sr. and Haskell Mallory started a commission weaving operation in Spartanburg, South Carolina. The Spartanburg plant was built in 1989 and during this time, Weavetec operated as a commission weaver of upholstery fabrics to Collins & Aikman and other companies. In Wytheville, Simply Country’s business grew steadily and they soon expanded their operations to include wholesale distribution for the blossoming afghan industry.

1990 Weavetec expanded their upholstery manufacturing operations and bought their first jacquard loom to weave afghans. During this time, Simply Country was searching for a company that could handle the tremendous demand from both wholesale and retail customers for their products. That year, Weavetec and Simply Country initiated a partnership which would be the basis for expansion of their niche in the afghan industry.

The Weavetec/Simply Country partnership was extremely successful. Simply Country had a manufacturer that could supply them with quality woven products at a competitive price to meet their customer’s demands. Because of that demand, Weavetec expanded and, by 1992, had added two new facilities in South Carolina – a second weaving plant and an afghan finishing plant.

1993 Weavetec and Simply Country developed the printed throw, which solidified their position as a major competitor in the home textiles industry. To better serve its customer base, Simply Country constructed a new 45,000 square foot warehouse and distribution center in Wytheville, Virginia, in 1994.

1995  The afghan industry began to experience a significant slowdown. The competition had grown more vertical and both companies realized their partnership could not remain competitive as two separate profit centers. In October 1995, the original partnership culminated with Weavetec purchasing Simply Country. This new partnership allowed Weavetec to continue to function as a commission weaver, while Simply Country was able to diversify their line, expand their workforce and maintain their standing in the home textiles industry.

Simply Country’s expanded offerings included officially licensed NASCAR® and Collegiate products, as well as items featuring artwork by dozens of well known artists. They also added multi-sized pillows, wall hangings, bell-pulls, stockings, table runners and more in addition to a variety of sizes and styles of throws and afghans. Simply Country’s products were expanding beyond the “country” look into more of an all-around home decor offering of items. In January 2002, Simply Country became SIMPLY HOME.

Simply Home continues to offer high-quality woven products at competitive prices. The list includes:

• Wholesale Throws
• Wholesale Tapestry
• Wholesale Pillows
• Wholesale Tote Bags
• Custom Made Throws, Tapestry, Pillows, and Totes